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Why do women smoke?

Why women smoke is a little funny. Women are like men, and women do what men do. Just as men eat and women eat, you will find that women are not difficult to get along with, but just like men. It's good to get along without obstacles, and it's good to hang out with you. It's necessary for smokers to give up cigarettes. According to your hobbies, you will have a good relationship with women. Smoking relieves stress, plays cool, feels fun, is assimilated by smokers' friends These reasons for women smoking, I think, are "grafted" from men. The culprit of female smoking is men. I usually smoke a cigarette in my mouth because I'm in a bad mood and I'm addicted to it. " This may be a reason for a man to smoke, but if the woman next to the man hears it, it may become a reason for them to smoke. Take female smokers as an example. Most of them are those who have more contact with male smokers. Some of them are also trying to learn how to "play cool" with men. Some girls start to learn by watching boys of the same age smoke. Of course, some smoke for the same "power" as men. In their opinion, since men can smoke, why can't women smoke? As a result, some women are affected and follow the smoking behavior. Therefore, it is wrong for men to scold women for smoking, because women's smoking is mostly "infected" by men, and men are not qualified to say so. Is it good for women to smoke? Of course, it's not good, but it can also expose how serious the harm of men's smoking is. Men's smoking not only harms the health of themselves and the people nearby, but also makes the great holy mothers "poisoned". In order to put an end to female smoking, men should make a difference. The method is very simple, do not smoke, and think that smoking is a dirty behavior, is to destroy the health of others. When such a social atmosphere is formed, men smoke less and women smoke less. The government should not be idle. If we want to think about the health of the people, especially women, we must sacrifice some economic interests and vigorously reduce the scale of tobacco planting. In addition, if it is a man who attracts a woman to smoke, he should also look for the man's "trouble", such as imposing a certain fine or something, which can still be done. It is an indisputable fact that female smoking is harmful to health. About half of smokers will eventually die from diseases caused by smoking, and thousands of non-smokers die every year because of passive smoking. Because women have more exposure to children and the elderly, female smoking is more harmful than male smoking. Passive smoking is harmful to children's health at all stages of their growth. The active or passive smoking of fetal mothers can cause children's diseases after birth; the physical resistance of the elderly is weak, and the second-hand smoke will have serious consequences on asthma, heart disease and other geriatric diseases. Second hand smoke can damage the compounds in the inner lining of respiratory tract and make asthma patients attack more frequently. Second hand smoke increases blood viscosity, damages vascular intima and causes coronary artery blood supply Insufficient, increase the risk of heart attack.